Cruiser Bikes

Why these bikes are simply better.

There was a time in the U.S. when anyone who wanted to ride on a bicycle was either a bike racing enthusiast or a kid. There really did seem to be no middle ground. While Europe and Asia continued to embrace bikes as a form of transportation, here in America we still regarded them as toys. Luckily that is changing as the cruiser bike rises in popularity.

Cruiser Bike Benefits

Slow Riding

If you love the idea of slowly cruising through town on your bike, then this is the kind of bike that will work well for you. With its big wheels and simple gears, the cruiser is a bike for those who love to travel in the slow lane of life. Cruisers are meant to allow riders to savor the small details of a casual ride no matter where they go.

life is a ride

One segment of the population that has grown to really love these simpler bikes is the now-aging hippies. As supporters of non-invasive transportation that doesn't use fossil fuels, they are a perfect fit for bikes. While the fancy 20-speed racing bikes may be fine for young folks, seniors love to cruise through town with cruiser bikes.

social biking

Another reason for the rising popularity of these cruising bikes is that they allow you to be more social. It's easy to ride along with your friends, having conversations about what you see around you. The upright sitting position and wide handle bars make it easy to be social with just about anyone around you while you're riding along.

Try it out

So if racing along in bright colored spandex on skinny little tires is not your idea of a good time, a cruiser bike may be the bike for you. From the viewpoint of comfort, social interaction and just plain fun, they just can't be beat!